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Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics

The mission of State Priekuli Plant Breeding Institute (SPPBI) as a scientific institution is to create new knowledge, develop new products and innovative technologies thus enhancing competitiveness of Latvian agriculture and processing output for sustainable rural development.

SPPBI (originally named Cesis Experimental Station, later Priekulu Breeding and Experimental Station, etc.) was founded in 1913. Almost a century-long existence, the Institute has accumulated rich experience in crop breeding, crop management and agronomic trials. More than a hundred varieties of crops - rye, barley, potatoes, pea, clover, grasses, etc. have been created for Latvian farmers.  SPPBI researchers and breeders have made a significant contribution to agriculture and soil science. Currently, SPPBI has become one of the leading and most experienced Latvian research institutions in agricultural science. SPPBI is specialized in research in potato and other crops, which are closely related to the Latvian economy and important in agriculture for export. Research is done to supply on potato cultivation, crop production and seed growing industries with up to date and priority knowledge. In addition, great importance is given to research for improvement of crop breeding, development of new technologies and their implementation in breeding. SPPBI is localised Northwest region of Latvia and localisation has determined its specialisation – breeding and seed production and research on species that are well adapted for EU Northwest region environmental conditions - potato, rye, pea, triticale, grasses. On regular basis SPPBI participates in multilateral research focused on testing the effect of factors in different growing conditions (including conventional, organic, integrated). An integral part of SPPBI is production of high quality, high category seed for crop varieties, including chemically analytical methods recovered potato seed material. Research results and recommendations on crop growing methods are regularly transferred to farmers and food producers.

Integral part of successful work in science is knowledge transfer in international scientific society. For decades SPPBI closely collaborates with analogous scientific institutions of Baltic countries. Scientific solutions are searched in collaboration with researchers from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Russia and other countries. SPPBI researchers are experienced in preparation and execution of research projects financed by various EU programmes. Research in European Research Area is focused mainly on organic farming, sustainable management and crop breeding for environmentally friendly farming. Scientific personnel devotes much attention to implement latest scientific discoveries in research and practice. To improve the technology of breeding, latest findings in fields of Molecular Biology and Genetics are exploited. Innovative technologies (NIR technologies and chemical analytical methods) are researched and implemented for plant quality trait detection. Knowledge transfer is related with representatives of various fields on science – SPPBI collaborates with geneticists, chemists and medicals from University of Latvia, food scientists from Latvian University of Agriculture. Collaboration on joint work within projects financed by European Union and Latvian National Research Programmes across scientific fields enhances full use of knowledge and available infrastructure.

The main working direction of SPPBI is scientific research in fields of crop production, provision of scientific basis and expertise in various sectors of crop production to develop and implement policies, to encourage integrated scientific and educational development and breeding of crops for sustainable farming systems using traditional methods and biotechnology.

The aim of scientific research is to provide scientific basis for sustainable cultivation of crops to increase competitiveness of agriculture; to rise the scientific competence by promoting the training of human resources, attracting young scientists and encouraging their professional growth as well as providing suitable facilities. The scientic research has been reflected in publications of journals representing agriculture (Agronomy Research, Journal of Agronomy, Agricultue etc.) and issues of wide range of scientific meetings.

The activities of the institute are carried out on 305 ha of land, including 13.8 ha certified for organic farming, providing work for around 60 people. The scientific staff comprises 28 researchers, among them 14 Doctors and 9 Masters.

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